ScareMail Generator

I thought the creation of the ScareMail Generator is such an interesting idea. This software created by Benjamin Grosser uses a collection of specific words and linguistics methods to generate a creative “story” every time a person sends an email. The words use such as “ plot”, “facility”, etc. are considered “scary” and raised suspicion. When the software is installed it will confuse the National Security Agency (NSA)  and make their search results useless by reading random stories and narratives. 

Grosser,, describes that the NSA has a certain software that runs through emails and detects certain words and communication that they believe is written by terrorists. These words will flag your email and they will read them in an attempt to prevent a terrorist attack. The NSA is skilled in this field and it is their job to identify these conversations and communications before anything drastic happens, which could have been prevented. 

Even so, I also agree with Grosser’s statement that reading citizens personal email is a violation of our first amendment rights and the government should not interfere with our privacy. The ScareMail software serves its purpose to reveal a flaw of the NSA’s surveillance that words do not equal intent.  

I didn’t download the extension because for one I wouldn’t want the government to purposely get attached to one of my emails because of these scary words. Additionally, I was not interested in creating narrative stories in my email to distract the government. Nevertheless, I think ScareMail is an interesting creation. 

Click The link Here.


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