A Marriage Falling​ Apart

For my piece of elit writing, I am excited to create a fiction story about two marriages. One that is going to happen and one that is falling apart in the process of divorce. I thought of this idea because I love attending weddings, unfortunately, some of the weddings I have been to ended up in divorce. Through this piece, I want to show climax and downfall of a similar concept that is both good and bad.

  • Why this story is important

This story is important because marriage happens all the time. In fact, it is a huge deal in places all over the world. There are different types of marriages between couples. Statistics prove that most marriages end in divorce. So as people we wonder what is the point of marriage if most of them will end in divorce anyway? Even so, many people believe that marriage is a beautiful union and couples all over the world want to get married.

  • profiles of the main person or people in the story

There will be four main characters in my story a young man and woman between the age of 26-29.  A older female and male couple between the age of 48 and 52 respectively.

  • the event or situation

In one half of the story, readers will experience the joy of planning a wedding and also feeling the excitement of these young couples.

Conversely, in another half of the story readers will actively engage in the process of going through a divorce with the older characters.

  • any process or how something works

This will include surveys and selecting answers in the text. Each section will advance the reader further along in the process. Readers can select the type of flowers, venue style, theme color and anything else that goes into planning a wedding.  The older couple, on the other hand, will have to decide what they want to give up in the marriage. For each individual readers will select whether they want to give up the house, family pet, children, or investment.

  • pros and cons (N/A) 
  • the history of the event or situation

The younger couple has been dating for almost 4 years and they are in love. The guy proposes and she accepts. They both are panning this wedding to make it the best night of thier lives.

The older couple is going through this divorce because they fell out of love and they each are no longer interested by the other person. It was a mutual agreement between the two to go ahead and separate.

  • other related issues raised by the story

The purpose of this fictional story is to show the irony in marriage, while many young couples desire to get married and stay in love forever, an older couple who similarly felt the same way are both now experiencing the complete opposite.

What I imagine is that the part with the younger couple will have a white background the hyperlinks will have yellow colors. The part with the older couple will have. brown background with white hyperlinks. This is the story  I have been thinking about creating, and I would like to learn more about how to make it interactive in elit form.


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